Then she calmed down and stopped crying.

Tobias and Raphael at the Tigris River

So their son departed, with the angel alongside him. Tobias’ dog also went with him and accompanied them on the journey. They both journeyed until the first night fell upon them, and they set up camp along the Tigris River.

Now the lad went down to the Tigris River to wash his feet. Suddenly,[a] a massive fish leaped up out of the water and tried to swallow the lad’s foot, and he cried out. The angel said to him, “Grab the fish and hang on to it.” So Tobias hung on to the fish and brought it up onto the dry ground. The angel said to him, “Cut open the fish and remove its gallbladder, heart, and liver and keep them with you, and throw away the guts. Its gallbladder, heart, and liver are useful medicines.”

So Tobias cut open the fish and gathered up the gallbladder, heart, and liver. He cooked the fish and ate it; and the remaining part of it, which he salted, he put aside. Then they both journeyed together until they approached Media. Tobias asked the angel, “Brother Azariah, what medicine is there in the fish’s heart, liver, and gallbladder?”

Raphael replied, “If you burn the fish’s heart and liver in the presence of a man or woman under attack by a demon or evil spirit, the spirit will flee and never bother that person again. As for the gallbladder, if you smear the gall on a person’s eyes in which white spots have appeared, and then blow on the white spots, the eyes will heal.”

Raphael instructs Tobias

10 When he arrived in Media and was already coming within reach of Ecbatana, 11 Raphael said to the lad, “Tobias my brother!”

He replied, “I’m here!”

Raphael said, “Tonight we must lodge with Raguel your relative. He has a daughter named Sarah. 12 Except for her, he has no other son or daughter. Of all men you are her closest relative. The right to inherit her and her father’s estate is yours. The girl is sensible, courageous, and very beautiful; moreover, her father loves her and[b] is a good man.”

13 He continued, “It’s right for you to marry her. So listen to me, brother: I’ll speak to her father about the girl tonight so that we can take her as a bride for you. And when we return from Rages,[c] we will celebrate her wedding. I know that Raguel can’t keep her from you, nor can he promise her to someone else without incurring the death penalty according to the ruling of the scroll from Moses. He knows that the regulation for inheritance makes it fitting that you, rather than any other man, should marry his daughter. So now listen to me, brother: We will speak about the girl tonight and arrange for her engagement to you. When we return from Rages, we will take her and bring her back with us to your home.”

14 Tobias said to Raphael, “Brother Azariah, I’ve heard that she has already been given to seven men and that they died in the bridal chamber. They dropped dead the very night they tried to have sex with her. I’ve heard people saying that a demon kills them. 15 Now I’m also afraid, because the demon loves her and[d] doesn’t harm her but kills anyone who desires to approach her. I’m my father’s only child, and I’m afraid[e] that I will die and bring my father and mother down to their graves with grief over me. Moreover, they don’t have another son to bury them.”

16 Raphael said to him, “Don’t you remember your father’s instructions, that you should take a wife from among your father’s relatives? Now listen to me, my brother: Don’t worry about this demon. Take her, for I know that tonight she will be given to you as your wife. 17 When you enter into the bridal chamber, take some of the fish’s liver and heart and lay them over the warm incense coals. This will let off an odor, 18 and the demon will smell it, flee, and never stalk her[f] again. And before you have sex with her, the two of you must rise and pray and plead with the Lord of heaven for mercy and deliverance. So don’t be afraid; she has been assigned to you before the world came into being. You will save her, and she will go with you. I’m convinced that you will also have children by her, and they will be like brothers and sisters to you. So stop worrying.”

When Tobias heard Raphael’s words, and learned that she was his relative and descendant from his father’s house, he fell deeply in love with her and his heart was united with her.


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