Tobias sends Raphael to collect Tobit’s money

Then Tobias called Raphael and said to him, “Brother Azariah, take along four servants and two camels. Travel to Rages and go to Gabael’s place. Give him the signed contract, get the money, and bring it with you back to the wedding feast. You know that my father will be counting the days, and if I delay just one day, I will cause him a lot of grief. You see what Raguel swore, and that I’m not in a position to go against his solemn pledge.”

So Raphael went with four servants and two camels to Rages of Media, and they spent the night at Gabael’s place. Raphael gave him the receipt and told him that Tobias, Tobit’s son, had taken a wife and was inviting Gabael to the wedding feast. Gabael got up and checked the sacks, which were still sealed, and they packed them up.

They got up early in the morning together and went to the wedding feast. They came to Raguel’s place and found Tobias reclining at a table. Tobias jumped up and greeted him, and Gabael wept and blessed him, saying, “Good and generous man, son of a good and generous man who is just and charitable! May the Lord grant a heavenly blessing to you and your wife, and to your wife’s father and mother. May God be praised, for I have now seen in Tobias the image of Tobit my cousin!”