Rulers should seek wisdom and righteousness

So then listen, you rulers, and understand. Learn, you who judge the far reaches of the earth. Pay attention, you who have power over multitudes, you who take pride in having power over throngs of nations.

The Lord gave you authority to rule. The Most High gave you your power. He will watch carefully what you do and examine everything that you are planning. You are merely stewards of his kingdom. If you don’t judge rightly, if you don’t keep the Law, or if you don’t act according to God’s plan, then he’ll fall upon you very suddenly and very terribly. Judgment falls hard on those in high places. Those who aren’t important may be pardoned out of compassion, but the powerful will be powerfully examined. The ruler of all won’t back down from anyone. He won’t show any special consideration to someone whom others consider great. The ruler of all made both the small and the great, and he regards them all in the same way. But a stern judgment will fall upon the ruthless.

Yes, I’m speaking to you who rule with unbridled might so that you may learn wisdom and avoid going astray. 10 Those who have treasured holy things in a holy way will themselves be made holy. Those who have been instructed in holy things will be able to offer a defense for what they have done. 11 So desire my words with all your heart. Commit yourself to them, and you will be educated.

12 Wisdom is bright and unfading. She readily appears to those who love her. She’s found by those who keep seeking after her. 13 She makes herself known even in advance to those who desire her with all their hearts. 14 Someone who awakens before dawn to look for her will find her already sitting at the door. 15 Taking wisdom to heart is the way to bring your thinking to maturity. The one who can’t sleep at night because he’s consumed with thinking about her will soon be free from worry.

16 She herself goes about looking for those who are worthy of her. She graciously makes herself known to them as they travel. She comes to them in each of the ideas that they think. 17 The real beginning of wisdom is to desire instruction with all your heart. 18 Love for instruction expresses itself in careful reflection. If you love Wisdom, you will keep her laws. If you are attentive to her laws, you can be assured that you will live forever. 19 If you live forever, you will be near to God. 20 If you desire wisdom with all your heart, you will know what good leadership is. 21 So if you, who take charge over peoples, want to keep enjoying the thrones and symbols of power that you presently possess, honor wisdom so that you may rule forever.

22 I’ll tell you what Wisdom is and how she came into being. I won’t hide these secret matters from you. I’ll show you her very origins. I’ll lay all that I know of her in the open. I won’t skip past the truth. 23 I won’t be selfish or allow jealousy to make me keep this to myself, for jealousy has nothing to do with wisdom. 24 The more wise people there are in the world, the more likely it is that the world will be saved. A sensible ruler gives stability to his people. 25 So it will do you good to be instructed by my words.