She stands strong from one end of the world to the other. She is a marvelous governor over everything in between.

Solomon’s love for wisdom

From my youth, I loved her and sought her out. I sought to make her my bride. I burned within for her beauty. She honors her dignified birth by sharing her life with God. The master of all loves her. She knows God’s secret ways and is a partner in God’s works. If wealth is a possession to be desired with all one’s heart, what could be wealthier than Wisdom, who has given form to everything? If thoughtful planning accomplishes things, who could possibly be wiser than she who designed everything that is? If anyone loves to do what is right, laboring with Wisdom will produce every virtue. She trains persons to learn moderation and practical wisdom. She teaches them what is right and how to exercise courage. Nothing is more advantageous than these when it comes to human existence. If someone wants to gain experience, she’s the one to teach it: She knows what has been from the beginning and sees what is yet to come. She can figure out puzzles of language and resolve riddles. She knows beforehand what signs and wonders point to. She knows what will happen in time and during the seasons of the year.

For these reasons, I decided to bring her to live with me. I knew that she would be a good counselor. I knew that she would be able to offer me advice when there were concerns or suffering. 10 I knew that crowds would honor me because of her and that my elders would esteem me, even though I was just a young man. 11 I knew that people would say that I had good judgment because of her. I knew that other leaders would admire me. 12 I knew that they would wait for me to speak if I had not yet spoken, and that they would praise what I had said after I had spoken. I also knew that, if I did have more to say, they would put their hands over their mouths until I had finished speaking. 13 I knew that because of her, I would gain everlasting life and that I would leave behind an everlasting memorial for those who would come after me. 14 I knew that because of her, I would be able to govern nations and that the peoples of the world would obey me. 15 I knew that even terrible tyrants would fear me once they had heard me. I knew that the common people would see that I was a good king and a courageous warrior. 16 I knew that when I entered my house, she would be there, and I would be able to rest easy, for life with her is sweet. I knew that sharing my life with her would mean that I would live a pain-free life, one full of celebration and joy.

Solomon’s prayer for wisdom

17 I thought all these things to myself. I reflected on them in my heart. I thought: If immortality is to be found by becoming part of Wisdom’s family, 18 if dignified delight is to be found in being Wisdom’s friend, if unending wealth comes through the works of her hands, if practical intelligence comes through being well acquainted with her, if fame comes through conversing with her, then I will definitely make her mine. 19 I was a clever child and had been born with a dignified attitude— 20 or, better said, because my soul was already dignified, it entered a spotless body.

21 But I knew that there was no way I could possess Wisdom unless God gave her to me (and to know this was also a mark of intelligence!). So I came before the Lord and pleaded with him. I said with all my heart: