God of our ancestors and Lord of mercy, you made everything by your word. You gave shape to humanity through your wisdom so that humans might rule the creatures that you made, so that they might govern the world by holiness and by doing what was right, and so that they might be honest in passing judgment. Give me Wisdom, who sits enthroned beside you. Don’t reject me, out of all your servants. I’m your servant and the son of one of your servants. I’m just a weak human who will live a short life as other humans do. And I’m the least of all humans when it comes to understanding judgment and laws properly. Indeed, even if somebody might be thought of as perfect, this person is nothing without your wisdom. But you chose me to be king over your people and to be a judge of your sons and daughters. You told me to construct a temple on your holy mountain and an altar in the city in which you had taken up residence. It was to be a copy of the holy tent that you had prepared from the beginning.
You have Wisdom with you. She knows all your works. She was present with you when you were making the world. She knows what pleases you. She knows what someone needs to do to follow your commandments. 10 Send her out to me from your holy heavens. Send her from your glorious throne so that she may labor with me here and that I may learn what is pleasing to you. 11 She knows and understands everything. She’ll guide me wisely in all that I do. Her great honor will guard me. 12 Then my works will be acceptable. Then I’ll be able to judge your people rightly. Then I’ll be worthy of my father’s great throne.

13 What human will ever know God’s counsel? Who can understand what God wishes? 14 Mortals have only a weak capacity for reasoning, and our intentions are uncertain. 15 The body that is headed for destruction weighs down the soul. Our earthly container burdens our minds with cares and concerns. 16 At best, we can barely draw correct inferences concerning things we find on earth. Only after much thought and work do we come to understand what is right in front of us. Who among us then is able to examine heavenly things? 17 Who’s ever known your counsel, unless you gave them wisdom and sent down your Holy Spirit from on high? 18 Only then did your ways become clear to us on earth. Only then were humans able to learn what pleases you, and were thus rescued by wisdom.