The Lord speaks and Job answers

The Lord continued to respond to Job:
Will the one who disputes with the Almighty correct him?
God’s instructor must answer him.
Job responded to the Lord:
Look, I’m of little worth. What can I answer you?
I’ll put my hand over my mouth.
I have spoken once, I won’t answer;
twice, I won’t do it again.

A challenge from the Lord

The Lord answered Job from the whirlwind:
Prepare yourself like a man;
I will interrogate you, and you will respond to me.
Would you question my justice,
deem me guilty so you can be innocent?
Or do you have an arm like God;
can you thunder with a voice like him?
10 Adorn yourself with splendor and majesty;
clothe yourself with honor and esteem.
11 Unleash your raging anger;
look on all the proud and humble them.
12 Look on all the proud and debase them;
trample the wicked in their place.
13 Hide them together in the dust;
bind their faces in a hidden place.
14 Then I, even I, will praise you,
for your strong hand has delivered you.


15 Look at Behemoth, whom I made along with you;
he eats grass like cattle.
16 Look, his strength is in his thighs,
his power in stomach muscles.
17 He stiffens his tail like a cedar;
the tendons in his thighs are tightly woven.
18 His bones are like bronze tubes,
his limbs like iron bars.
19 He is the first of God’s acts;
only his maker can come near him with a sword.
20 Indeed, the hills bring him tribute,
places where all the wild animals play.
21 He lies under the lotuses,
under the cover of reed and marsh.
22 The lotuses screen him with shade;
poplars of the stream surround him.
23 If the river surges, he doesn’t hurry;
he is confident even though the Jordan gushes into his mouth.
24 Can he be seized by his eyes?
Can anyone pierce his nose by hooks?