Babylon’s idols can’t compare

Bel crouches down; Nebo cowers.
Their idols sit on animals, on beasts.
The objects you once carried about
are now borne as burdens by the weary animals.
They crouch down and cower together.
They aren’t able to rescue the burden,
but they themselves go into captivity.
Listen to me, house of Jacob,
all that remains from the house of Israel
who have been borne by me since pregnancy,
whom I carried from the womb
until you grow old. I am the one,
and until you turn gray I will support you.
I have done it, and I will continue to bear it;
I will support and I will rescue.
To whom will you liken me and count me equal
and compare me so that we are alike?
Those who pour out gold from a bag
and weigh silver with a balance
hire a metalworker; then he makes a god.
They bow down; they worship;
they carry the idol[a] on their shoulders and support it;
they set it down, and it stands still,
unable to move from its place.
If one cries out to it, it doesn’t answer.
It can’t save people from their distress.

Remember past events

Remember this and take courage;
take it to heart, you rebels.
Remember the prior things—from long ago;
I am God, and there’s no other.
I am God! There’s none like me,
10 who tells the end at the beginning,
from ancient times things not yet done,
saying, “My plan will stand;
all that I decide I will do,”
11 I call a bird of prey from the east,
a man from a distant land for my plan.
As surely as I have spoken, I’ll make it happen;
I have planned, and yes, I’ll do it.
12 Listen to me, you bullheaded people
who are far from victory:
13 I’m bringing my victory near—it isn’t far,
and my salvation—it won’t delay.
I will establish salvation in Zion
and grant my splendor to Israel.


  1. Isaiah 46:7 Or it