Attack from a friend

Bildad from Shuah answered:
How long? Would you all stop talking.
Try to understand and then we can speak.
Why are we considered beasts,
ignorant in your sight?
To you who tear yourself in rage—
will earth be forsaken for your sake,
a rock be dislodged from its place?

Evil people’s fate

To be sure, the light of the wicked goes out;
the blaze of their fire doesn’t shine.
The light in their tent becomes dark,
and their lamp above doesn’t shine.
Their strong strides slow down;
their plans trip themselves.
They are caught by their feet in a net;
they walk on mesh.
A trap grabs them by the heel;
a snare tightens on them.
10 A rope is hidden on the ground for them;
a trap for them along the path.
11 Terrors round about scare them;
they follow their steps.
12 Their offspring hunger;
calamity is ready for their spouses.
13 It eats some of their skin.
Death’s firstborn consumes their limbs.
14 They are snatched from the safety of their tent;
it parades them before the king of terrors.
15 Nothing they own remains in their tent;
sulfur is scattered over their home.
16 Their roots dry out below;
their branches wither above.
17 The memory of them will perish from the earth;
they will achieve no recognition abroad.
18 They are thrust from light into darkness,
banished from the world.
19 They have no offspring or descendants among their people,
no survivor in their dwelling place.
20 Their successors are appalled at what happens to them;
their predecessors pull their hair.
21 These are surely the dwelling places of the evil;
this is the place of the one who doesn’t know God.