Happy are those
who haven’t slipped in their speech
and who haven’t been stabbed
with pain for their sins.
Happy are those
whose spirit hasn’t condemned them,
and who haven’t given up their hope.

On wealth

Wealth isn’t good for a mean person.
What use is money
to a begrudging person?
Those who deny themselves
collect for others,
and others will live luxuriously
with their goods.
Those who are evil to themselves,
to whom will they be good?
They will never enjoy their money.
There are none worse than those
who begrudge themselves,
and this is the payback
for their wickedness:
If they do good,
they do it without being aware,
and in the end they reveal
their wickedness.
The miserly are evil;
they turn their face away
and disregard people.
Those who have greedy eyes
are never satisfied with their share,
and evil injustice withers their soul.
10 Envious people are even begrudging
when it comes to bread,
and it’s lacking on their table.
11 My child, treat yourself well
according to what you have,
and bring offerings to the Lord
that are worthy.
12 Remember that death won’t delay,
and the decree of the grave[a]
hasn’t been shown to you.
13 Before you die, treat your friends well.
According to your ability, reach out, and give to them.
14 Enjoy[b] a good day,
and don’t let your share
of a good desire pass you by.
15 Won’t you end up leaving behind
to another what you have worked
so hard for?
Won’t the things you have toiled for
end up being divided by lot?
16 Give, take, and distract yourself,[c]
because you can’t search for luxury
in the grave.[d]
17 All flesh grows old like a garment;
the ancient decree is,
“You will certainly die!”
18 Like a budding leaf on a leafy tree,
it sheds some and it puts forth others;
so is a generation of flesh and blood;
one dies, and another is born.
19 All deeds decay and cease,
and those who do them
will pass away with them.

Seeking Wisdom brings happiness

20 Happy are those who meditate
on Wisdom
and who reason intelligently.
21 Those who consider her ways
in their hearts
will also reflect on her secrets.
22 Pursue her like a hunter,
and lie in wait by her paths.
23 Those who peer into her windows
will also listen at her doorways.
24 Those who lodge near her house
will also fasten a tent peg in her walls.
25 They will pitch their tent close at hand
and will find accommodation
in a lodging place full of good things.
26 They will put their children
under her shelter,
and will encamp under her branches.
27 She will shelter them from the heat,
and they will dwell in her glory.


  1. Sirach 14:12 LXX Hades; Heb Sheol
  2. Sirach 14:14 LXX Don’t hold back from
  3. Sirach 14:16 Heb treat yourself well
  4. Sirach 14:16 LXX Hades; Heb Sheol