Whoever fears the Lord
will do these things,
and whoever has a firm hold
on the Law will possess Wisdom.
She will come to meet them like a mother,
and she will await them
like a young bride.
She will feed them bread
of understanding,
and will give them water of wisdom
to drink.
They will be supported by her
and not be undermined;
they will be intent upon her
and will never be put to shame.
She will raise them above their neighbors,
and allow them to speak
in the midst of the assembly.
They will inherit gladness,
a crown of rejoicing,
and an eternal name.
People who lack sense will never
receive her,
and sinners will never see her.
She keeps far away from the arrogant,
and liars will never remember her.
Praise isn’t proper in the mouth of sinners
because it hasn’t been assigned
by the Lord.
10 Praise must be spoken in wisdom,
and the Lord will cause it to prosper.

Free will and God’s justice

11 Don’t say, “I fell away because of the Lord.”
What the Lord hates, he won’t do.
12 Don’t say, “The Lord made me go astray.”
He has no use for sinful people.
13 The Lord has hated every foul thing,
and those who fear him
have no love for such things.
14 He created humanity at the beginning,
and he left them to the power
of their choices.
15 If you choose to,
you will keep the commandments,
and keep faith out of goodwill.[a]
16 He has put fire and water before you;
you can stretch out your hand
for whichever you choose.
17 Life and death are in front
of human beings;
and they will be granted
whichever they please,
18 because the wisdom
of the Lord is great;
he’s mighty in authority,
he sees everything,
19 his eyes are upon those who fear him,
and he knows every human action.
20 He doesn’t command anyone
to be ungodly,
and he doesn’t give anyone
a license to sin.


  1. Sirach 15:15 Gk uncertain