Whoever keeps the Law
gives many offerings;
whoever obeys the commandments
makes a sacrifice of well-being.
Whoever repays a kindness
offers the finest flour,
and whoever does an act of charity
makes a sacrifice of praise.
Staying away from wickedness
pleases the Lord,
and keeping away from injustice
means reconciliation.
Don’t come into the Lord’s presence
since fulfilling the commandments
means making offerings.
The righteous person’s offering
enriches the altar,
and its pleasing odor comes
before the Most High.
A righteous person’s offering
is acceptable,
and its memory will last forever.
10 Honor the Lord generously,
and don’t skimp
on the early produce you present.[a]
11 Every time you give, have a cheerful face,
and dedicate your tithe gladly.
12 Give to the Most High as he has given,
and give with generosity
from what you have,
13 because the Lord is the one who repays,
and he will repay you seven times over.
14 Don’t offer a bribe,
because the Lord won’t accept it.
15 Don’t present an unrighteous sacrifice,
because the Lord is a judge,
and he shows no partiality.
16 God will not be partial to the poor,
but he will listen to the complaint
of those who are wronged.
17 God will never ignore an orphan’s plea,
nor that of a widow
when she pours out a complaint.
18 Don’t a widow’s tears fall down
on her cheek,
19 and isn’t her plea against the one
who caused her tears?
20 Those who serve with goodwill
will be accepted,
and their prayer will reach to the clouds.
21 The prayer of the humble passes
through the clouds,
and it will never stop
until it draws near to God.[b]
It will never withdraw
until the Most High takes notice,
22 gives justice for the righteous,
and executes judgment.
Indeed, the Lord will never delay,
nor will he be patient with them
until he crushes the power[c]
of the unmerciful,
23 until he exacts vengeance
on the nations,
until he removes the multitude
of abusive people
and shatters the authority
of the unrighteous,
24 until he repays individuals
according to their deeds
and the works of human beings
according to their thoughts,
25 until he decides the case of his people
and makes them glad by his mercy.
26 His mercy is timely in a period
of distress,
like rain clouds in a dry season.


  1. Sirach 35:10 LXX of your hands
  2. Sirach 35:21 LXX lacks to God.
  3. Sirach 35:22 LXX testicles