The angel reveals his identity

When the wedding feast was over, Tobit called his son Tobias to him and said, “My child, make sure to give the man who went with you his wages, and give him a bonus as well.”

Tobias asked him, “Father, how much in wages should I give him? I wouldn’t lose anything if I give him half my possessions, which he brought back with me. After all, he has guided me safely, healed my wife, brought the money with me, and healed you. How much of a bonus should I give him?”

Tobit answered, “It is right, my son, for him to receive half of everything that he had when he came back.”

So Tobit called Raphael in and said, “Take as your wages half of everything you had when you came, and go in good health.”

Then Raphael spoke to them privately, saying, “Praise God and tell all living beings about the good things he has done for you, praising and singing to his name. Make God’s words known in an honorable way to everyone, and don’t fail to acknowledge him. It’s good to hide a king’s secret from view, and good to reveal God’s works and bear witness to them with due respect.

“Do what’s good, and evil won’t overtake you. Prayer with fasting[a] is good, and so is giving to the poor with righteousness. The possession of a little with righteousness is better than much with injustice.[b] Giving to the poor is better than storing up gold. Giving to the poor saves from death, and it washes away every sin. Those who give to the poor will feel satisfied with life, 10 but those who commit sin and injustice are their own worst enemies.

11 “I will tell you the whole truth, and I will keep nothing secret from you. I have already said to you, ‘It’s good to hide a king’s secret from view, and good to reveal God’s works in an honorable way.’ 12 So when you and Sarah prayed, it was I who brought the record of your prayer into God’s glorious presence, and likewise when you used to bury the dead, 13 and when you didn’t hesitate to get up and leave your dinner to go and bury the corpse. 14 I was sent to test you then, and at the same time God sent me to heal you and Sarah, your son’s bride.[c] 15 I am Raphael, one of the seven angels who stand ready and who enter the Lord’s glorious presence.”

16 The two were shocked. They fell on their faces in fear. 17 But Raphael said to them, “Don’t be afraid; be at peace! Praise God for all time! 18 While I was with you, it wasn’t because I was showing you any favor but because of God’s will. Praise him all your days and sing to him! 19 You were observing me, but[d] I wasn’t eating or drinking[e] anything. Instead, you were seeing a vision. 20 Now praise the Lord here on earth and acknowledge God. Notice that I’m ascending to the one who sent me. So record everything that has happened to you.” Then Raphael ascended.

21 Tobit and Tobias got up and were no longer able to see him. 22 They continued to praise and sing to God, and acknowledged him for these great works of his. They marveled at[f] how one of God’s angels had appeared to them.


  1. Tobit 12:8 OL, LXX1; LXX2 sincerity
  2. Tobit 12:8 LXX1; LXX2 and giving to the poor with righteousness is better than the possession of much with injustice.
  3. Tobit 12:14 Gk your bride
  4. Tobit 12:19 LXX2 that
  5. Tobit 12:19 DSS Aram; LXX2 omits or drinking; OL for you used to see me eating; LXX1 all those days I merely appeared to you without actually eating or drinking.
  6. Tobit 12:22 DSS Heb; LXX2 omits they marveled at.