Tobias and Raphael arrive at Raguel’s house

When they[a] entered Ecbatana, Tobias said to him, “Brother Azariah, bring me at once to Raguel our relative.” So Azariah took him to Raguel’s house. They found him sitting at the gate of the courtyard and greeted him first.

Raguel said to them, “Many greetings, brothers. You have come generously and in health!” Raguel brought them into his house and said to his wife Edna, “This young man looks so much like my relative Tobit!”

Then Edna asked them, “Where are you from, brothers?”

They answered her, “We are from the Naphtalites, who are captives in Nineveh.”

She asked them, “Do you know our relative Tobit?”

They replied, “We do indeed know him.”

Then she asked them, “Is he well?”

They answered, “He is alive and well.” Tobias said, “He is my father.”

Raguel jumped up and kissed him. He began to cry and say, “Bless you, young man, son of a good and generous father! What a terrible tragedy that such a righteous and charitable man has been made blind!” He embraced his relative Tobias and wept.

Raguel’s wife Edna also wept for Tobit, as did Sarah their daughter.

Tobias marries Sarah

Raguel slaughtered a ram from his flock and eagerly entertained his guests. When they had bathed and washed, they reclined to eat dinner. Tobias said to Raphael, “Brother Azariah, tell Raguel that he should give me my relative Sarah as a wife.”

10 Raguel overheard Tobias’ comment and said to the young man, “Eat, drink, and be happy tonight! There is no other man except you, my brother, for whom it is proper to marry my daughter Sarah. What’s more, I have no right to give her to any man except for you since you are my nearest relative.

“But, my lad, I must tell you the truth. 11 I have given her to seven men among our relatives, and they all died the night they tried to have sex with her. Now, however, eat and drink, my son, and may the Lord act on behalf of you both.”

Tobias replied, “I won’t eat or drink here until you resolve the matters that have to do with me.”

Raguel said to him, “I will do it. She is given to you according to the ruling of the scroll from Moses, and it has been decided in heaven that she be given to you. Receive your sister! From now on you are her brother and she is your sister. She is given to you from today until eternity. And tonight may the Lord of heaven grant success to both of you, my son, and may he shower you both with mercy and peace.”

12 Raguel sent for his daughter Sarah, and she came to him. He took hold of her hand, delivered her to Tobias, and said, “Take her to be your wife according to the Law and according to the ruling written in the scroll from Moses. Take her and lead her to your father safely. And may the God of heaven grant both of you success with peace.”

13 Then Raguel called for her mother and told her to bring a scroll. He wrote a marriage contract, stating how he was giving her to him as a wife according to the ruling of the scroll from Moses. Then he sealed it.[b] 14 From that point on, they began to eat and drink.

15 Raguel called his wife Edna and said to her, “My sister, prepare the other bedroom and take Sarah there.”

16 She went and got things ready in the bedroom, just as Raguel had told her. She brought Sarah there and cried for her. Then Edna dried her tears and said to her, “Take courage, my daughter! May the Lord of heaven give you joy in place of your pain. Take courage, my daughter!” Then she left.


  1. Tobit 7:1 Or he
  2. Tobit 7:13 DSS Aram, OL; LXX2 omits Then he sealed it.