Azariah (Raphael) travels with Tobias to Media

Then Tobias said to his father Tobit, “I will do everything you have commanded me, Father. But how am I going to get it from Gabael, since he doesn’t know me and I don’t know him? What proof can I give him so that he will recognize and trust me and give me the money? Moreover, I don’t know the roads to take to get to Media.”

Then Tobit said to his son Tobias, “He gave me a signed receipt, and I gave him a handwritten document as well. I divided them in two, and we each took one part, and I deposited one with the money. And now it is twenty years since I deposited this money. So then go find a reliable man who will go with you, and we will pay him for his time until you return. Then you can retrieve this money from Gabael.”

Then Tobias went out to look for a man who knew the way to Media and would go with him. He went out and found the angel Raphael standing near him, but he didn’t know that he was an angel from God. Tobias said to him, “Where are you from, young man?”

He said to Tobias, “I am one of the Israelites, your relatives. I have come here to find work.”

Tobias said to him, “Do you know the way to Media?”

He replied, “Yes, I have been there many times; I’m familiar with all the roads and know them well. Often I have gone to Media and have spent the night with Gabael, our relative, who lives in Ecbatana[a] of Media. It is a good two days’ journey from Ecbatana to Rages,[b] because it is located in a mountainous area while Ecbatana lies in the midst of a plain.”

Tobias said to him, “Wait here for me, young man, until I go and report this to my father, because I need you to go with me, and I’ll pay your wages.”

Raphael replied, “All right, I’ll wait. But don’t delay!”

So Tobias went in and reported to his father Tobit, saying, “Wow, I’ve found a man from among our relatives the Israelites.”

Tobit said to Tobias, “Call the man in to me, my son,[c] so that I learn who his family is, from which tribe he is, and whether he can be trusted to go with you.”

10 So Tobias went out, called Raphael, and said to him, “Young man, my father is calling for you.” Raphael went in, and Tobit was the first to greet him.

Raphael[d] said, “May joy be yours!”

Tobit responded, “What joy can there still be for me? My eyes are useless, and I can’t see the light of heaven. Instead, I lie in darkness just like the dead who no longer see the light. I live among the dead, hearing the sound of human beings without seeing them.”

Raphael said to him, “Take heart! The time is near when God will heal you. Take heart!”

Then Tobit said to him, “My son Tobias wants to go to Media. Brother, can you accompany and guide him? I will pay your wages.”

Raphael said to him, “I’m able to go with him, for I know all the roads and have often traveled to Media and have passed through all its plains. So I’m familiar with its mountains and all its roads.”

11 Tobit said to him, “Brother, which family and which tribe do you come from? Tell me, brother!”

12 The young man answered, “Why do you need to know about my tribe?”

Tobit replied, “I would like to know in all honesty, brother, who your father is and what your name is.”

13 Then he answered, “I’m Azariah, the great Hananiah’s son, one of your relatives.”

14 Tobit said to him, “May you come in health and safety, brother! Don’t be offended, brother, that I wanted to know the truth about your family. But you happen to be a relative, and you are from a good and honorable heritage. I knew Hananiah and Nathan, the two sons of the great Shemeliah. They used to go with me to Jerusalem. They used to worship with me there and weren’t led astray. Your relatives are good men; you are of good stock, and may you feel welcome for coming here!”

15 Then he added,[e] “I will pay you a drachme a day as well as provide for your expenses just as for those of my son. So do go with my son, 16 and I’ll give you additional pay.”

The young man replied, “I’ll go with him. Don’t be afraid; we’ll depart safely and we’ll return safely to you, because the road is secure.”

17 Tobit answered, “Bless you, brother!”

Then Tobit called his son and said to him, “My child, prepare provisions for the trip and head off with your brother. May God who is in heaven protect you on your way and restore you safely to me. May his angel travel with you and protect you, my child.”

He went to begin his journey, and he kissed his father and mother. Tobit said to him, “Travel safely!”

18 His mother began to weep and said to Tobit, “Why have you sent my child away? Isn’t he the staff on which we lean[f] as he comes and goes in our presence? 19 Don’t make money more important than it is;[g] instead, let it be ransom for our child’s sake. 20 It’s enough for us to live as the Lord has provided.”

21 Tobit said to her, “Don’t make such an issue of it! Our child will go safely and will come safely back to us. Your eyes will see him on the day he returns to you safe and sound. Don’t overreact, and don’t be afraid for them, my sister! 22 A good angel will go with him, his journey will prosper, and he will return safely.”


  1. Tobit 5:6 LXX2; OL Rages
  2. Tobit 5:6 LXX2 Garras; OL adds a city of Phagar.
  3. Tobit 5:9 Gk child, as generally throughout the book
  4. Tobit 5:10 Gk The young man
  5. Tobit 5:15 OL; LXX2 he said to him
  6. Tobit 5:18 Gk staff of our hands
  7. Tobit 5:19 Gk don’t pile up silver upon silver